Basic Data Search

Use the navigation tabs at the top of the screen and select “Search”. This is where you can narrow down the data to find specific subsets of data within the Projects you’re logged into.

  1. Entity drop-down: Use this drop down to choose what type of entity you want to search for. The fields on this entity will be what appear in the search grid.
  2. Field drop-down: Use this drop down to select the field on the main entity you would like to search on. The ‘Related to’ option allows you to search for records based on the information in related records. For example: Find Stakeholder with Events within a certain date range.
  3. Settings: Choose if you want to include deleted records in your search.
  4. Duplicates: This function allows you to quickly find duplicate records within the system. The options to search for duplicates will change depending on the main entity you’re searching on.


Activate your search by clicking the magnification button next to the search text field.

You can choose to open one record at a time by clicking the arrow icon next to the record or selecting multiple records at once by clicking the checkbox and clicking ‘Open Selected’.

Any records you select will open in the Workspace. Please keep in mind there is a limit of how many records you can have open in the Workspace at one time.

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