One of the best ways to generate a detailed summary of a particular entity in your system is through the Snapshot Report.

When generated the report will show a comprehensive summary of everything relating to the entity and records you specify. You can also select which fields from the primary entity you would like to report on, alongside which related entities you would like included as well.

To access this report go to Reports > Snapshot > New

1. Project selection: Firstly, use the project tree to select which Projects you would like to include data from for your report.

2. Select report fields: Select which fields from the main entity you’re reporting on you would like to include.

3. Include related entities: Choose which entities related to the main entity you want to include. E.g.: Include all the Event information relating to this group of stakeholders.

4. Include related entity fields: Choose specific fields on those related entities you want to include. E.g.: Exclude the address of related Events when reporting on specific stakeholders.

5. Main Entity: This is the main entity type you’re reporting on.

This report is most commonly used as a briefing style document, where users can generate the report before meeting with a stakeholder and quickly gaining insight into the stakeholder’s status.

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