We're really excited to share these new features and updates with you to make your stakeholder engagement easier. 

Mobile view improvements

In this most recent update, you can now call or email a Stakeholder directly from their profile! 

Simply tap on the phone or email icon on their profile, and you can call or email them directly. 

Once you've finished, and gone back into CM, you'll have the option to create a related Event or Action directly to that Stakeholder's profile. 

Mobile Navigation bar

To make navigation easier in our mobile view, there's now a navigation panel at the bottom of the screen. 

This will allow you tab easily between Search and Workspace, and choose the Projects you're currently working in. 

**Please note: on iPhones, you will need to scroll up at the top of the screen to make this appear. The native iPhone navigation panel at the bottom currently sits on top of the CM bar. This is something we are hoping to address in one of our upcoming updates. 

Restore deleted Fields

Accidentally deleted a field you needed? You can now easily view and restore deleted fields. 

All of the data associated with that field, will now be restored as well. 

Bug Fixes

  • Classifications showing twice if a Project hasn't been selected.
  • Action Requested and Action Taken fields meant to be long text fields.
  • Classification selection not updating when creating and relating a new record from another record. 

Want to know more about our release and updates schedule? Have a look at our Roadmap