We're really excited to share these new features and updates with you to make your stakeholder engagement easier.  

Mobile speed improvement

Loading speed while using our mobile friendly version has been optimised to reduce rendering time. 

This means getting to the data you need to view should be quicker and easier while using mobile devices. 


Getting data into the system has never been easier with our new webform capability. 

Choose which data on which Entities to show, and how they relate to each other. 

This develops HTML5 code which you can give to your IT team to style and put on a website or intranet portal, for data to feed directly into your CM4 system. 

Please note this is an early version of this feature. 

Contact our customer success team at customersuccess@consultationmanager if you'd like a demonstration. 

Search by ID

You can now search for specific records by their IDs. 

Want to know more about our release and updates schedule? Have a look at our Roadmap