We're really excited to share these new features and updates with you to make your stakeholder engagement easier.  

Edit records from the relationship dock

You can now edit a profile from the related record. 

Simply double click the field you want to change, make your changes, click into another panel, and click the 'Save' icon above. 

'Floating' Save option

When creating a new record directly from another's profile, there is a second 'Save' button to create the new related record. 

Previously when you'd scroll down it would disappear, but we've made it so that it will always appear even if you've scrolled down. 

Bug Fixes/minor improvements

  • On Actions, we've changed the term 'Notified' to 'Email Sent' to avoid any ambiguity. 
  • Previously, if you were looking at a record (Stakeholder's profile for example), and clicking the arrow on a related record, you would have to click just outside the arrow to open it. Now, you can click directly on the arrow, or around it to open the related record. 
  • An error message will now appear if you attempt to open more than 5 records in the Workspace. 
  • In uncommon circumstances, Event Types were not displaying correctly. This has now been fixed to show the Event Types properly. 
  • Teams are now view-able from a Project's profile. This means you can now also see which Users have access to the Project from the Project's profile. 

Want to know more about our release and updates schedule? Have a look at our Roadmap