We've been working on some feature updates to CM4 we're excited to share with you!

Action email improvements

Our Action emails have gotten a facelift! 

They now have more information in them, which allows Users to easily see what needs to be done, and when, and open the relevant information in CM. 

There will also be the option to add the Action into your Outlook calendar as the email will include an .ics file. 

Importer linking to existing records

We've updated our Importer so you can now related data you're importing to existing records. 

When you import, you'll now have a couple of extra options for a relationship operation. 

1. None: Only creates one type of record that's in your .csv spreadsheet. Eg. Events

2. Create: Creates 2 types of records and links them together via your .csv spreadsheet. Eg. Stakeholders with a linked Event

3.  Create and relate to (single entity select): This will import the data in your .csv spreadsheet and relate it to a single record in your system. Eg. multiple Events to a single Stakeholder

4. Create and relate to (multiple entities using CSV): This will import the data into your .csv spreadsheet and relate it to multiple relevant records existing in the system. Eg. Each Event will link to an existing Stakeholder depending on the Stakeholder's email address. 

Automated Prompts to add data to a new record

A common problem we've heard is that Users can sometimes create a new Event, but not link it to any Stakeholders. So we've made it so that you can choose to prompt Users to link/create a certain record when a new one is created. For example, when a User creates a brand new Stakeholder, you can choose to have a prompt appear to remind the User to link an Event and/or Action. 

Individual Record Visibility

You can now choose to have a record which is by default 'global'* changed to 'private' so it's only accessible if you're logged into a specific Project. 

This has been frequently asked for by companies who want the majority of an Entity type (Stakeholders for example) to be accessible to all Users, but they have some high profile Stakeholders that they don't want accessible to all Users. 

Only Users with Team Leader access can alter this field to ensure high levels of data security. 

You'll be able to see this on every record towards the top of the record. 

If you want to move it toward the bottom, any EA can reorder that field to a place that suits your team.

Mandatory selection of Projects on global Entities

Selecting a Project to link a new record to is mandatory on any 'Private' entity, for example, commonly an Event or Action. We've now made it that you can choose to have them mandatory on any 'global' entity too! 

*Global record: Visible to any User in the system. By default, the system marks Stakeholders and Properties as global. Your organisation may have had this changed. 

Private record: Visible only to Users in the system with access to the Project/s that record is linked to. By default, the system marks Events and Actions as private. Your organisation may have had this changed.

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