We've been working on some updates over the Christmas period and into January to hopefully help you with your Stakeholder engagement duties! 

Workspace tab improvements

You might have noticed recently, that when you open something in your Workspace, we now have a panel that slides out to show you everything you have open. 

We've had overwhelming feedback that only being able to open 5 things at a time just doesn't cut it, and you need to open more! This new slide out is part of what allows you to now be able to open as many as you'd like! 

We would still recommend keeping it to around 20 for performance sake, but now you can easily move between records as you'd like! 

It was also a bit confusing to know what you were looking at, so we've also added a highlight to show which record is currently being looked at. 

Support button on Login page

We hope you wont have any issues logging in, but we know they're inevitable! So in the case you do run into any issues but aren't sure how to ask for help, we've added a Support button for Users to go to when they do run into a bit of trouble logging in. 

Enterprise Administrators can delete more 

Previously, if you were an Enterprise Administrator (EA) you weren't able to clean up Teams or other EA records. Now you can!
As long as the EA profile, or the Team profile have no relationships on them (so no linked Users or Events etc), you can now delete them!
You have to remove/reassign those relationships first to make sure you don't lose any important data (such as who on your team told a Stakeholder something).

Improved messaging

There were a couple of areas of the system where it wasn't super clear what was happening, so we've improved that! 

We've now added:

  • An 'Are you sure?' message when someone wants to delete a classification.
  • Importing file upload messages when you try and upload an unsupported file. 
  • Webform messages when you try and create a Webform without a Project that needs one. 

If you find some more areas of the system you'd like to see some more messaging, let us know! 

Want to ask us a question? Raise a ticket with our friendly Support team.