Late 2019 we spoke with some clients about areas of the system they'd like to see improved, or would help their daily workflow. 

The two main things to come out of those conversations were making the Workflow of simply adding an Event to a Stakeholder a bit easier and straight forward, and automating Action reminders. 

You asked, and we listened! 

Workflow improvements

Instead of having two buttons to choose from to save a new record, there is now only a single 'Save' button at the top of the form. 

When you click 'Save', it will save your record, and relate it to the original profile you were viewing, and produce a pop up window where you can choose what to do next. 

Clicking 'Open this Event' (the word Event will change depending on what you just created) will close the form you just used, and take you to the new Event you just created. 

Clicking 'Go back to Stakeholder' (this will also change depending on what you were originally looking at) will take you to the original Stakeholder you were adding the Event to. 

It will also refresh the relationship side of the record so you can see what you just added with everything else. 

Automated Action Reminders

During these conversations, having a way to automatically notify Users of upcoming Actions was also a common request. We've now introduced Automated Action Reminders, which you can customise depending on your Organistion's needs. 

By default they will notify Users if an Action assigned to them is due in 3 days, or is overdue by a  day. 

You can also choose to disable this feature entirely. 

You can find these settings if you're an Enterprise Administrator in the 'Notifications' section of the Management area. 

Document improvements

You can now input a URL as a document as well as uploading a file from your computer. 

You can either click on each option in the Upload area, or drag and drop your file or URL into the grey area which will go green when it's detected a file or URL. 

If you've added a URL, you can also open it directly from the Search screen instead of having to open that record and click from there. 

Bug fixes 

There were a couple of pesky bugs hanging around we got to exterminate as well! 

  • Copy and paste from the search grid was showing object Object instead of some classifications.
  • In some circumstances, when opening a record, it would open twice or more times in the Workspace. 
  • Typing in an Event Type when adding an Event Type to an Event would show no results. 

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