Multi-conditional Data Search

CM’s multi-conditional search feature allows you to build detailed search queries to further refine your data outputs.

Begin by completing a basic data search. You will see your active search query below the search text field.

Choose the second field you want to search on, input the details in the search text field, and click the second magnification glass that appears after activating your first search.

You can continue to layer on additional search queries by repeatedly following these steps until you get down to the data you need.

Please note: If you change the Entity drop-down, all your search queries will be removed, and a new search will begin. Clicking the 'Clear All' button will also remove all active search queries.

Finding records related to another 

If, for example, you want to find a list of Events that are related to a specific Stakeholder, simply change the search parameter to 'Related to'. This will show an extra drop-down where you can select the second Entity (in this case, Stakeholder) you want to search on. 

1. The primary Entity information you want to find. So in this example, I want to find Event records. 

2. This is the list of things you can search on Events, but it's also where you'd select 'Related to' and it should be first in the list. 

3. The secondary Entity you want to use to find your information. In this example, we're wanting to find Events related to Stakeholders, so it's Stakeholders. 

4. This is where you can select what aspect of the secondary Entity you want to search on. If you wanted to find all Events which are related to Stakeholders in a specific Organisation, you'd choose the organisation field to search on. 

5. Where you pop in the specific information you want to search on. 

A completed search like this would look like this: 

This will give me all Events which are related to Stakeholders that have 'Avenger' in the Organisation field on their profile. 

You can change this to search on anything! Another common example is finding all Stakeholders or Events which are related to a certain Project. 

Adding multiple searches on the same related field

You can also layer multiple searches using the same Related Entity to your main Entity. For example, finding Events related to a Stakeholder. 

Start by doing the above 'Related to' Search, and look for the + button next to your activated search. 

This will give you another level to search on any field on your secondary Entity.

So you could use this for searches like, Find Events related to Stakeholders with 'Avengers' in the Organisation, and the First Name of Tony.


Another common search is to try and find Events which are linked to Stakeholders on a few specific organisations. If you're recording their organisation in the Organisation field on their Stakeholder profile, you can get this information by using the above method, and making a simple change. 

Layering two searches on top of each other, and clicking the 'and', will change it to an 'Or'.

Any time you add layers on your search and see 'And' you can change it to show 'Or' instead which will show you more results. 

The above examples will show any Events that are related to Stakeholders in the Avenger OR Justice League organisations. 

Want to find out about the basics of Searching? Check out this article.