Last month we mentioned that we'd done some research into what our Users really wanted to see in the system. As a result, we delivered a change to our workflow, new document upload capabilities, and advanced automated Action reminders. 

Another key element we had feedback about was our overall layout of our system; it wasn't as intuitive as we thought. So we brought on board a new graphic designer who made some mock ups of how we could look, we showed some of you who seemed to love it, and voila! Those changes are now here. 

Meet our new User Interface 

All the features you know and love area exactly the same, we just changed the layout from vertical, to a horizontal one. 

Changes include: 

  • Updating some icons to make a little more sense and distinguishable from one another.
  • Made our New and Support buttons stand out a little more
  • Moved our Workspace to a tab system where you can see all of them at the top of your Workspace. 
  • Highlights on which tab or area of the system you're in.

We're looking to make some other minor improvements which should help with readability as well. Stay tuned!

New Dashboard

We now have a Dashboard! 

You'll see this as soon as you log in to your CM4 system, and can go back to it by hitting the 'Home' button at the top next to the Project selector. 

Information you'll be able to see at a glance is: 

Personalised info: This is where you’ll get some information about how many Stakeholders your account has interacted with in the last 30 days, and if there are any emails you have to categorise. Have a look at our Inbound Email section to find out more about this functionality. 

Support: This is where you can find some information on how to contact CM Support if you have any questions, access training videos, and find out about our latest features. 

Record counts: This shows how many of each Entity you have in your system. It also gives an indicator of how many Duplicates you have, and may need attention. 

Tasks: This shows how many outstanding Actions you have assigned to you. Hover over the request text to see more information. 

Top Issues: This shows the top Issue reported on all Events entered in the system in the past 30 days. 

Top Engagement Types: Indicates the top methods you’re interacting with your Stakeholders. 

Outstanding Action Summary: Linked to your Tasks, it shows how many Actions you currently have outstanding. If the graph is green, you’ve still got some time to complete them, if it’s orange or red, you’ve got a few overdue Actions that need your attention!

Growth: Gives an indication of how much data has been entered into the system over the past 30 days. It will allow you to see trends if data input is increasing as expected or decreasing and you may need to send a reminder to Users to make sure their data is up to date!

We'll be looking at ways we can make this more valuable to you, so if you have any suggestions, send them through!

Bug fixes

  • Cloning records that didn't have an address filled out would error - now it doesn't!
  • Property duplication search wasn't showing results. We've changed it to look at Properties and flag them if they have the same Property Name and Number. Well be looking to introduce duplicate tracking on address fields soon.

Want to see what new features came out last month? Have a look here.