Check for the User first

Before creating a new User, always check to see if that person already has a User profile. You can do this with a simple search in the Search tab, as pictured below. This is to reduce the likelihood of duplicate Users and ensure the best experience for your team.

Create the new User

Once you have confirmed that your team member doesn't already have a User profile, you can create a profile for them.

Click on the green "+ New" button (1) towards the top right of your screen and click "User" (2) in the dropdown.

A new tab will open in your Workspace. Here, complete the User details, including:

First Name (3) and Last Name (4)

Email (5): This will become their username and should always be entered accurately at this stage to avoid login issues.

System Capabilities (also known as Roles) (6): Be sure to choose a capability for the User. Without one, they will not be able to log in. For more information on these capabilities, read our article on User Capabilities and Team Roles.

Once you have complete the User's details, click Save (7).

Once you have created the User, you will need to add them to Teams which will give them visibility of Projects. For detailed instructions, head to this article.