Last month we delivered some pretty noticeable changes, including a whole new User Interface, and Dashboard. We continued tinkering with it to try and reduce some white space, and make readability a bit easier as well. 

We've also tried to focus on feedback we've had which will allow you to complete your work a bit quicker. 

Saved Searching

If you have searches you continually have to run, you can now save them to easily load them in future! 

When searching, you should now notice a small Save icon near the other Searching tools. 

You can now save, and name, up to 10 searches, and recall them at any time! 

This includes in the reporting section, so if you have a report to run every month, you can easily choose the search, make sure the information you need is added, and generate and download!

Date/Time auto-population

To help save some time, we've made it so that every date/time field on a new record will be auto-populated with the date and time on your local computer.

So when you add in a new Event against a Stakeholder, the date will auto fill with today's date, so you don't need to worry about changing it if you're entering it in immediately. 

You can of course change these when entering or altering any record. 

*Note that the only exception to this is the 'Resolved' field on your Actions. 

Action performance metrics and escalation

Actions are an important way to give clear tasks to your Users,especially when working remotely. Now you can use them to keep track of KPIs, and let other people on your team know about an important Action that's been set to someone. 

Now, when you create a new Action, you can choose other members of a team to be alerted to the Action at the same time as the person who it's assigned to by using our new Action CC field.

Simply expand the Action CC field, choose the other Users, and then close the menu.

When you click 'Send Action' or 'Send Reminder' those Users will also get a notification in their email. 

When the User it's assigned to completes the Action, and fills in the 'Resolved' field and saves it, our new 'Performance' and 'Elapsed Time' fields will automatically fill out. 

Performance calculates the amount of time between the initiated time, and the Resolved time to find out how long it took the User to complete from when the Action was created. 

Elapsed Time calculates the amount of time between the Deadline time and the Resolved time to find how quickly the User completed the task compared to their KPI.
Ideally, you'll see something similar to:

This means that the Action was completed 3 days ahead of schedule. 

Default Ordering

You asked, and you shall receive! We've had a few people request that the ordering in our main search grid, and in the related records grid show a bit more relevant information at first glance. 

So if you're looking at Stakeholders, you should now see them ordered alphabetically by their last name. If you're looking at Events on a Stakeholder's profile, you should see the latest interaction with them right at the top. 

Bug Fixes:

  • FIXED: If you altered a field on a record and then attempted to add a related record to it without saving it, everything would freeze.
  • FIXED: If you attempted to merge two global records together without complete address fields an error would appear preventing you to merge them together. 

If you have any questions, feedback, or would like a demonstration of any of the above features/improvements, please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager, or our friendly Support team at

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