Note: To send SMS from you database, you will need Team Leader or Enterprise Administrator Access.the nestYou will need to be a Team Leader or Enterprise Adminstrator access 

The SMS feature allows you to create and send messages to your Stakeholders and Users for project updates, road closures and other similar communications. 

To start your SMS message you need to navigate to the Tools section and then click on SMS>Manage Messages>New. 

This will take you to a window with blank blade to where you can start to create your SMS.

The fields on the left hand side allow you to add the following information: 

  1. Select the Project or Project the SMS relates to.
  2. The Issues that this message relates to, such as Access or Project Update.
  3. Add the Recipients (Stakeholders and Users) that will receive the SMS.
  4. The sending country. This formats all Phone numbers to suit to make sure the SMS successfully sends successfully.

When you click on the "Recipients" a pop up will show up where you can use the Search to find the relevant Stakeholders and Users you require. You can then select Stakeholders and add them, or click the "add all" button which will move them from the left hand side table to the recipients table on the right hand side.

There is also a space for you to curate your message which will automatically preview in text field within the phone image. You can also add links to websites by pasting them inside the text field as well. This will allow your recipients to click on the link and be guided a particular website or engagement tool. You will receive some statistics as you create your message. Every 160 Characters will count as 1 SMS.

Once you have completed all of the fields you can either click "send" to have the message go out right away, or you can click "save" to save it later.

When the message is sent an Event will be automatically created and all of the Recipients that received the SMS will be automatically linked to it.