If you are using Mailchimp to manager your eNews campaigns you can now leverage your Distribution Lists in Consultation Manager to keep your contacts synced across both systems. Any eNews campaigns sent out of Mailchimp can now also automatically be created in Consultation Manager and linked to your Stakeholders & Projects.

Registering Consultation Manager in Mailchimp

The first step is to connect your Mailchimp Account with your Consultation Manager System, to do this login to your Mailchimp Account & select the drop-down arrow next to your Profile name then select Account.

From the Account menu choose Extras from the options list, then select Registered apps from the drop-down menu.

This menu allows you to register Consultation Manager as a linked application, firstly select Register An App.

Enter your system details as shown below to create your Consultation Manager link:

  1. Enter a name for your applications and a brief description (this can just be Consultation Manager).                                                     
  2. Complete the Organisation & App Website fields with the following details

                Company/Organisation: Consultation Manager

                App website: https://consultationmanager.com/


       3. Complete the Redirect URL using your system address:

               ([Your system URL]/integrations/mailchimp)

                e.g.: https://example.consultationmanager-preview.com/integrations/mailchimp


        4. Finally, click Create to save your application

Once you have created your app you will be shown both a Client ID & Client Secret, make sure to note both of these values.

Next, select Audience from the top Navigation Bar.

From the Audience menu select Manage Audience then Settings

This will then display a set of Audience options, select Webhooks from the bottom of the list.

From the Webhook page click the Create New Webhook button

Complete the webform using the details listed below:

Complete the webform using the details listed below:

  1. Firstly, enter the callback URL as follows:

            https:// [Your Domain Name] .api.consultationmanager-preview.com/api/integrations/mailchimp/webhook

              e.g.: https://example.api.consultationmanager-preview.com/api/integrations/mailchimp/webhook

        2. Uncheck all boxes except Campaign sending

        3. Once you have entered the details above click Save

        (When you click save the system will attempt to connect to Consultation Manager, if you receive a connection error, confirm you have entered the details above correctly or reach out to our support line for help).

Configuring Mailchimp in Consultation Manager

From the Management window, select Integrations > Mailchimp > Enterprise Settings

Enter the Mailchimp Client ID & Client Secret you generated in the previous step when you Registered your Application, then press Save

Login to your Mailchimp Account using your Mailchimp credentials

You will then have a popup window appear asking for authorization, click Allow.

Your Mailchimp Account and Consultation Manager License are now linked, and you can begin pushing through your Distribution Lists into Mailchimp as well as have your Campaigns sent out of Mailchimp created in Consultation Manager.