If you are using Mailchimp to manage your eNews campaigns you can now leverage your Distribution Lists in Consultation Manager to keep your contacts synced across both systems. Any eNews campaigns sent out of Mailchimp can now also automatically be created in Consultation Manager and linked to your Stakeholders & Projects. 

Distribution List Setup

Once you have connected your Consultation Manager license with your Mailchimp account you can begin setting up different Distribution Lists you would like to push through from Consultation Manager for use in your Mailchimp campaigns.

From a Stakeholders Profile tick the Distribution List/s you would like them to be part of and ensure that an accurate Email Address is entered against their profile (Mailchimp will only import Stakeholders from Consultation Manager which have a complete email address on their Profile).

Complete the above steps for all Stakeholders and Distribution Lists you would like to have pushed through to Mailchimp (You can create as many Distribution Lists as required, we recommend you tailor your Distribution Lists around your Projects and avoid having a large amount of Stakeholders pooled in a single list unless required for a mass communication).

You can also make use of the Batch Operation tool to help speed up adding large amounts of Stakeholders to new Distribution Lists. 

In this example we will be pushing through all Stakeholders belonging to the Monthly Newsletter distribution list.

Creating a new Segment in Consultation Manager

Once your Distribution Lists have been setup and you've assigned your Stakeholders the next step is to create a segment to push through to Mailchimp.

To create a new segment navigate to the Management section using the top navigation bar and select Integrations > Mailchimp > New

Enter the details as shown below to create your new Mailchimp Segment:

1) Firstly, select the Projects you would like the eNews Event to link to when sent out of Mailchimp.

2) Select Consultation Manager as your Audience

3) Enter a Segment Name this is the tag which will appear in Mailchimp against Stakeholders sent through from this Distribution List so we recommend you simple give the segment the same name (E.g.: In the example above we are sending through Stakeholders from the Monthly Newsletter Distribution List so we have simply named our segment Monthly Newsletter).

4) Select the Distribution List you would like to sync with Mailchimp

5) Once all of the above has been configured change the segment status from Disabled > Enabled

6) Finally, click Save to create your new segment

Once you have saved your new segment you are now ready to Sync your Distribution List to Mailchimp, click the Sync button to send through your Stakeholders.

NOTE: Whenever you modify the Stakeholders on your linked Distribution Lists you will have to come back and click the Sync button above to have these updates sent through into Mailchimp. 

Viewing your Segment in Mailchimp & Sending back into Consultation Manager

Once you have synced your Distribution List in Consultation Manager your Stakeholders should now be visible in Mailchimp and tagged with the Segment Name you entered in the previous step.

(In the example above the five Stakeholders who were part of the Monthly Newsletter Distribution List have now come through into Mailchimp with the Monthly Newsletter segment tag).

When creating your next campaign your different segment tags will now appear as options when adding recipients.

You are now ready to send your campaign, once sent a new Event will automatically populate in Consultation Manager linking the relevant Stakeholders and Projects involved.

Your new Event will include a number of details include:

1) The Project/s you allocated when creating the segment will automatically be linked to the new Event.

2) Any Events created through the Mailchimp integration will be assigned the Event Type of Campaign Email

3) All Stakeholders part of the segment Distribution List will automatically be linked to the new Event as recipients of the campaign.

You can now continue to build out different Distribution Lists linked to Segments in Consultation Manager as your send out new campaigns.