Searching for Users with Outstanding Actions is simple and can be done in the Search area of your system.

For more on Conducting a Basic Search, click here.

NOTE: When looking at Private Entities such as Actions, you will only be able to see Records related to your active Project selection.

After opening Search, enter and apply the following search parameters:

  1. Entity dropdown: Select Actions. We are trying to search for Actions.
  2. Field dropdown: Select Action status. We can also search for different fields like Action Requested or Deadline.
    The ‘Related to’ option allows you to search for records based on information in related records.
    Example: Show me Actions Related to a certain User.
  3. Operator dropdown: Select Contains.
  4. Selector: Select Outstanding.

Effectively, these options combined would Search for Actions which are marked as Outstanding.

Find Outstanding Actions for a specific User

To find a specific User's outstanding Actions, add a layer to the above search for "Actions" "Related to" "Assigned To Users" where "Last Name" "Contains" "Support".

For more information on layering your Search, see Advanced Searching Techniques.