Okay, so you've learnt How the Email BCC function works, and Where to find your Project BCC Address.

This article will give you some tips around how to find the emails you've sent into Consultation Manager.

1. Clicking this Mail Icon brings up a Search for any Records with the Event Type: "Uncategorised Email" (2)

This search for Uncategorised Emails works just like the Search you would normally use. 

If you would like general information around How to better use your search follow the link.

Otherwise, here are some general Search suggestions that will allow you to better find your Uncategorised Emails.

In the above picture, we can Search for Events Related to a certain User.

Another Suggestion would be to look for Uncategorised Emails within a certain Time & Date Range.

The below search searches for Uncategorised Emails between Wednesday 1st July to Friday 10th July.

You can also combine both of the above searching techniques to find Uncategorised emails related to a User within a certain time.

If you would like to learn more about how to layer your searches like above: follow this link.