Our goal to respond to User feedback regarding making every day tasks quicker and easier continues with this release! 


Unsure if clicking on that button or record is what you need? We're trying to improve that! 

We've added in a few handy 'Tooltips' in our Search area, which let you know what each button does: 

Unsure which Event or Action you need to look at from a Stakeholder's profile and wish you could read more of the text? Simply hover over any long text field and you'll see all the text in that field: 

Note: A long text field is one that you can add a lot of text to it. Like the Summary or Stakeholder Comments field on an Event. 

You can view this either on the main search grid, or on related records on the record you're looking at. If you can't see certain fields you need, please reach out to you Account Manager to help with configuring your related view. 

This will be a work in progress, so if you have any ideas of tooltips like this we can add in, please feel free to let us know! 

Report from more places

There's nothing more annoying than getting the perfect in-depth search, and realising it's in the main search grid instead of the report you need to run. Now you can report directly from the search grid! 

There is now a new icon next to the different views you can view your search results in: 

Clicking on this icon will expand 3 reporting options for your search results: 

Simply click on the report type you want to see your data in, and it will take you to the relevant reporting screen with your search results activated. From there, configure your report however you'd like on the left-hand side, and click 'Generate and Download' to get your report. 

Vertical Snapshot report

Previously, if you generated a Snapshot report on a record with a lot of related information, it could make the horizontal table showing the information blow out, and ultimately not very useful. To counteract this, we made all the information appearing in this report the same. 

New Reporting types

We now have 2 new ways to view your data!

Impressions by Event Type

This report shows you how many Events you've had within a certain period, and how many 'impressions' those Events have made. 

Essentially, this report looks at all Events, and their relationships with Stakeholders, and reports on how many Stakeholders you've interacted with in each period compared to Events. 

In the above example, you can see we've had a dramatic increase of Events without Stakeholders attached during March. 

You can narrow your results down by Project, date, or Event Type. 

Classifications over time

This report shows the change of Issues reported on Events over time. 

Essentially this report shows you if a specific Issue being reported has increased, or decreased within a certain period. 

In the above example, you can see that there has been an increase in Events reporting Noise, Dust, and Pollution during March, followed by a decrease in April. 

You can choose to remove Issues from your graph by clicking on the Issue name at the bottom.

You can now access these in the normal Reporting area: 

Note: The date range on both of these Analytical reports focuses on entire months of data.


We saved the best for last! You can now send SMS' out to your Stakeholders and Users within the system. 

You can now: 

  • Choose which Stakeholders or Users to send your SMS to
  • Find a previous SMS sent, update some details like the recipients, or message, and then re-send to the same or a different group of Stakeholders.
  • Get notified if there are any people you're sending your SMS to that don't have a valid number
  • Send Internationally 
  • Send from an Australian number

We are hoping to expand on this feature in the future, so if you have any feedback of anything you'd like to see in an SMS system, please let us know!

Note: This feature does have additional conditions of use, and requires activation on your system. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information.

Bug fixes 

  • Resolving an issue in Edge where some menu items wouldn't appear properly. 
  • Resolving an issue where Users who's Team access was revoked couldn't be added back to the Team. 
  • Resolving Management area issues with duplicate Alias' and Project relationships.
  • Resolving an issue where Created by and Modified by information wasn't showing correctly.
  • Resolving issue where imports would be effected by having a blank cell in a custom classification or classification group. Now the import skips over that row. 
  • Resolving the issue where cloning certain Actions was producing an error. 

Have any questions? Ask our friendly Support team!