Communications: Email!

Engaging with your Stakeholders and tracking it has never been easier with our new communications tools! 

A couple of months ago we released SMS capabilities where you can easily and quickly send out quick SMS blasts to Stakeholders or Users, and we're now releasing a beta version of email communications! 

Using CM, you can now create quick and visually appealing emails to send to Stakeholders or Users in your system. 

  • You can choose between an easy to use, or customisable html builder:

  • Create visually appealing emails with our new email editor:
  • Send test emails to make sure you love how they look!
  • Quickly search for and add your recipients to your email:

  • Choose relevant details you want tagged against your new email campaign such as Issues, or Projects:
  • Get useful statistics as to who received and opened your email:

What else is new?

Making our new email feature took up a lot of our focus, but we also managed to complete some other useful things:

  • We updated our SMS feature after feedback from clients, and made it look and feel like our new Email communication tool. 
  • We fixed the experience where Users couldn't create tabular reports with 'Created by' and 'Modified' information. 
  • Our Batch update and webform tools previously only showed Classifications/Groups which weren't locked to specific Projects. After overwhelming feedback, we changed this to include all Classifications and groups regardless if they were locked to a Project. 
  • We fixed an issue where you couldn't see related information in the relationship docks on a record. For example, you can now see linked Users on an Action when you're looking at a Stakeholder's profile.
  • We fixed some client's systems which were unable to utilise the Action CC function properly. 

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