After you've sent your email campaign, you'll see be able to see a statistics section on your campaign when you look back at it. 

Here' you'll be able to see some basic data as to which recipients successfully received and viewed the email campaign.

1. Broad overview: This is the total amount of the below information, designed to give you quick broad statistics as to how many recipients recieved and opened the email campaign. 

2. Detailed information: This area goes more in depth about your email statistics. 

  • Successful deliveries: How many recipients successfully recieved the email.
  • Total opens: Total amount of how many times the email was opened by any recipient.
  • Unique opens: How many recipients opened the email. (For example, if you sent the email to John Smith, and he opened it 2 times, he would count once here, but twice in the total opens)
  • Bounces: Bounced emails are usually either a permanent failure to deliver the email or a temporary failure to deliver the email, based on conditions with the recipient mail server.
  • Dropped/Failed: Drops are usually emails that have previously reported repeated bounces, repeated spam reports, repeated unsubscribes, or invalid emails. 
  • Successful rate: Percentage of successful sends out of the total recipients. 
  • Total Clicks: Total number of times your recipients have clicked on the various links within your emails, divided by the total number of Delivered messages.
  • Unique Clicks: Total number of unique individuals that have clicked the links in your emails, divided by the total number of Delivered messages.
  • Clicks Per Open: The average percentage of how many times a link was clicked inside the email sent.
  • Abuse reports: The amount of times any recipient has reported the email. 

3. Recipients: This area shows you specific details about recipients and the status of their email. Here you'll find if the email to a specific person was delivered, opened, bounced, or dropped. 

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