Our address search function allows Users to quickly enter address details, searching an international database of locations, to add address details automatically to the other address fields. 

Now when you open a record with an address field, there will be a new section at the top where you can begin your search. 

Simply begin typing in your address, and it will begin giving you options that match your text.

Once you see the address you are after, clicking that option will automatically fill in the other address fields. 

At the bottom of the address field, the longitude and latitude will be automatically entered based on the address you have selected, which helps the system plot the address on the map.

If you need to manually edit the address to adjust the longitude and latitude fields, clicking 'on' on the auto-geocode section will find the exact coordinates based on the address you have manually entered. 

Leaving auto geocode on 'Off' will auto-populate the longitude and latitude field based on the address search at the top.

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