Each Project has a base map that can be customised.

Customise your map with:

  • A default starting position (GPS Coordinates of the center map & Initial Zoom) of the map.
  • A map theme. Choose from 6 default options or custom make it from mapbox.com.

Customising your Project Base Map

First, go to Maps, which you can find in the main navigation bar at the top of the screen. 

Next, select your Project (1), and click Add Map (2).

Using the mapping feature, you will be able to customise the starting position and style of your Project base map.

1. Select "Preset" or "Custom URL"

2. When the Preset option has been selected, you can choose between the six default Map Styles: Streets, Bright, Light, Dark, Satellite and Outdoors. Each map style has it's distinct way of visually representing different components on the map.

3. If you have a mapping team who can assist: When the Custom option has been selected, you are able to enter a custom URL from mapbox.com. Using mapbox, you will be able to create a custom base map to include important information for your project such as city plans, zoning information, current vs. proposed roads, project zones and buffer zones

4. Positioning: This option dictates how the map will be positioned when you initially open it. You will be able to manually edit the GPS coordinates for the center of the map and the initial zoom or move the map around to update these automatically. 

After choosing the above settings, which can be seen below as well (5), hit apply (6) and Save (7).

Hitting the red Save icon (7) is very important. Your changes will not be saved until this is clicked.

NOTE: All changes made are saved locally on your browser. Using a different computer or clearing your cache will clear your map settings.

After the Project Base Map has been customised and saved, whenever it is selected as the active map (8), it will be preloaded. To change this Active Map, click the reorder icon (9) and drag and drop. To edit an existing Project Map, click the edit button (10).

Always be sure to save your map settings!

Want to learn how to set up a mapping layer? Check out this article here